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ReishiMax™ is a dietary supplement developed and manufactured by Pharmanex, LLC, formulated to provide long-term nutritional support for a healthy immune system.

ReishiMax™ has been demonstrated to support healthy immune system function and stimulate immune cell proliferation.

ReishiMax™ is a proprietary Reishi extract, containing the highest level of actives currently on the market. This standardized product also incorporates cracked spores, a novel technology that releases.

Reishi’s active ingredient, providing unique immune activity not found in other Reishi products.



  • Are Your Products Pharmaceutical Grade?

    Yes. All of our products here at harmony are pharmaceutical grade and are made with top quality ingredients.

  • Does Harmony Have A Physical Location?

    Yes, our main med spa location is located in Los Angeles. Come visit us at 11959 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90025.

  • Will These Products Change My Life?

    To keep your body healthy, it is important that your body is consuming the highest quality ingredients around and that is what we focus on here at Harmony.